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Contribute to the development of businesses in the Midwest region of Santa Catarina that want to internationalize , creating international agreements and focusing on the speed and reliability of our services.

Be a lucrative business and recognized by the actuation as a strategic partner of clients and the continuous improvement process , maximizing business internationalization responsible and ethical manner.



Honoring agreements with customers and partners;

Focus on continuous improvement of processes and obtaining results;


Company management experience of over 10 years in the area of foreign trade , training in International Relations from the University Unisul - SC, with MBA in Marketing Strategies - UNOESC - SC and MBA in Strategic Leadership in - UNOESC - SC, its career began in 2003 in a frozen export industry, as export department intern fish. After this experience she worked for four years in a consultancy in foreign trade departments and then import export, generating knowledge and learning in the following segments:

Professional knowledge of all routine export Procedure: Product Tax Classification (NCM) export registration (RE) and declaration of entry (DDE) in the SISCOMEX system, creation of all export documents (Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill, Certificate of Origin, Form A, Sanitary Certificate). Departure control loads in Brazil until the receipt of cargo by the importer in the other country. Experience in export: clothes and accessories; frozen chicken and chicken giblets; Frozen fish and tissues.

Professional knowledge of all routine import procedure: Tax Classification of products (NCM), registration of imports (DI) control parameter of the load on the SISCOMEX system and release by the Federal Revenue, checking documents cargo received and creation of export licenses. Experience in the importation of: air conditioners; raw material; garments and textiles.
In 2007 she sought experience abroad and work as a Business Consultant for 2 years in a Trading Company located in Hong Kong and China, developing important projects in the fields of articles for gifts, decoration and commodities - raw materials for the industrial area. Participation in International Trade Fairs as:

  • 102nd China Import and Export Fair (Feria de Cantão ) - Stage in October 2007 (Guangzhou - China)
  • Fair Fashion Accessories and Underwear & Swimwear Fair - 12 October 15 2007 (Hong Kong)
  • Mega Show Part I - Table Objective Asia - 12 October 15 2007 (Hong Kong)
  • China International Pet Show - 15 to 16 of November 2007 ( Guangzhou - China)
  • Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair - 07 to 10 of January 2008 ( Hong Kong)
  • Fair Fashion Accessories and Underwear & Swimwear Fair - 12 April 15 2008 (Hong Kong)
  • Electronics & Components Fair - 12 April 15 2008 (Hong Kong)
  • 103rd China Import and Export Fair ( Feira de Cantão ) - First and Second Stage in April 2008 (Guangzhou - China)
  • Hong Kong Houseware Fair - 21 to 24 April 2008 ( Hong Kong)
  • The 33rd China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition - from 20 to 23 May 2008 ( Zhengzhou - China)
  • 110th China Import and Export Fair ( Feira de Cantão ) - First and second stage in April 2011 (Guangzhou - China)
  • 112th China Import and Export Fair ( Feira de Cantão ) - Phase in April 2012 (Guangzhou - China)
  • CONEXPO - CONG AGG - June 2013 (Las Vegas - USA )
  • 22nd International Fair of Agricultural Technology ( Agrishow ) - April 27 to May 1, 2015 ( Ribeirao Preto - São Paulo)
  • Lacflavors 2015-15 at 17 September 2015 ( Luque - Paraguay )
  • Business Session 2015 - SEBRAE
  • GERA 2015 - Science, Technology and Innovation ( Joacaba - Santa Catarina )
  • EEBA - Brazil Economic Meeting / Alemanha 2015 -20 on 22 September 2015 ( Joinville - Santa Catarina )
  • Brazil Business Mission / Panama 2015 ( Cidade do Panama - Panama )
  • Brazil Business Mission / 2015 Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros - Dominican Republic . )
  • 33rd International Fair of Havana - 02-07 de Noviembre ( Havana - Cuba )
  • 20th International Transport Cargo Rodoviário - 09 , to November 13 , 2015 ( São Paulo - São Paulo)
  • Latam for Business - International Business Round - November 25, 2015 (World Trade Center - São Paulo)

In 2009 she returned to Brazil and continued to increase her experience in foreign trade working in the furniture industry, chemistry and in 2011 worked in a company of consultancy in foreign trade. Parallel to this work began his academic career as a university professor of Management course with emphasis on foreign trade, handling disciplines: International Marketing, International Logistics Management Services External Trade, work orientation and Thesis responsible for ENINT - business desk international Course which acts to this day.

Through a conversation with a colleague from the commercial area of furniture and domestic appliances the idea of importing products to resell, thus creating in 2011 the first draft of the company. Always being updated and new challenges was created SCL and International Business Consulting beginning operations on 29 June 2013, focused on consulting and consultancy foreign trade both in the areas of export and import.